Django final year projects free download with source code
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Django final year projects free download with source code

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Django final year projects free download with source code for student. 100 best final year project in python and Django web framework download open source code for educational purpose.

Best Django final year project with source code

Below are the list of Django final year projects ideas and there source code. click on the title to get source code of that project.

  1. django blog project source code for free
  2. Chat application using django with source code for free
  3. Online Movie Ticket Booking System in Python with Source Code
  4. Django bus Reservation System project with source code for free.
  5. Simple Library Management System in Python Django with Source Code
  6. Netflix Clone with Django Python with source code for free.
  7. School Management System in Python Django with Source Code for free
  8. Car Rental System in Python Django with free Source Code.
  9. Chat Application using Django with source code for free.
  10. Insurance Management System in Python Django with Source Code
  11. Hospital Management System Django Python with Source Code for free.

Other python djnago final year project ideas

  • Multi School Integration And Student Performance Chart Recognizer
  • Digital Vehicle – License, Insurance And Rc Book Tracing For Police
  • On Road Vehicle Breakdown Help Assistance Based Web App
  • Location Based Garbage Management System For Smart City
  • Online Complaint Registration And Management System (Street Light, Water Pipe Leakage, Rain Water Drainage, Road)
  • Digital Gram Panchayath Services
  • Rescue Wings: Web Computing And Active Services Support For Disaster Rescue
  • Farmer Information App For Agriculture And Sales
  • Intelligent Agent Based Job Search System In Web Environment
  • Veterinary Care For Animal Medical Solution
  • Student Career Guidance Application
  • Restraint Obsession
  • Nexus Web App For Searching Contractor And Worker In Cities
  • Currency Based Invoice Application For IT Sector
  • Linking Artist And Art Gallery Finder
  • Effective Investment For Small Scale Business
  • Fire Detection And Notification
  • Online Safe And Unsafe Zone Finder
  • Hospital Management
  • Online Catering Services
  • Grocery Mar
  • Agricultural Help Line
  • E-Vaccination Monitoring System
  • Tutor Finder And Student Performance Tracking
  • T-Shirt Manufacturing And Maintenance System
  • Digital Shopping
  • Online Collaboration Platform For Production System(Textile)
  • Offset Printing And Design Making
  • Online Sports Shop
  • Online Examination And Evaluation

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