Hotel Booking website in php with source code

Hotel Booking website in php with source code

Complete Hotel Booking website in php MySQL Free Download, premium, and modern booking script. It is responsive on literally any screen. Complete online Hotel booking System in PHP, MySQL, HTML, Bootstrap, and JavaScript with Source Code. For free download for student projects and Assignments. An automated project based on the PHP language and a Hotel Management System. The PHP project below provides all of the necessary elements. Best for first-year, second-year, and final-year IT students to employ in their college projects. It contains key features that will allow all users to interact in natural way. System needs to communicate with their clients on a daily basis in order to keep track of daily records. This system, as well as the web application, has a clear concept that is similar to real-life scenarios and well-implemented. Please scroll down of this post for to Download free Hotel Booking website in php with source code files.

About online Hotel Booking website in php

Customers can check out each room’s details and book directly from the website. Bookings are simple, and customers can offer feedback. This is a one-page responsive site that is simple for users to navigate and understand. The design is straightforward, and users will find it easy to comprehend, use, and navigate. On the other hand, this PHP MySQL hotel booking system project is mostly concerned with dealing with clients in regards to reservations, hotel data, and so on. In addition, the system displays all available data, including room categories, reservations, total income, pending payments, complaints, staff, and hotel statistics. The project just includes an Admin Panel for system management. In the overview of this web app, the user can build a room by selecting a room category and number. The technology, in particular, allows users to keep track of hotel reservations for specific rooms.

Easy Online Bookings.

The user can fill out details such as room type, room number, check-in and check-out dates, as well as customer information such as names, contact information, and id card information, in the room reservation area. The system calculates the total fee based on days only after entering room information. The reservation is complete after going through all of this, and the user can check in whenever he or she wants. He or she must pay for the rooms in advance when checking in. Similarly, the user must submit the remaining money throughout the checkout procedure. During this process, the system generates all remaining and total amounts and puts them in the database.

Available Features:
  1. Easy Online Bookings.
  2. Each Room Details Provided.
  3. Feedbacks.
  4. Manage rooms
How to Run This Project:

Follow the steps below should be performed after you’ve started Apache and MySQL server in XAMPP.(windows)

  • The first step is to extract the file.
  • Secondly Make a copy of the main project folder.
  • Thirdly Paste the code into xampp/htdocs/
Process to Connect Database with system.
  • Fourthly Open a browser and type “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/” into the address bar.
  • After that go to the databases tab.
  • Sixthly Name your database “name” and then go to the import tab.
  • then Select the “database.sql” file from the “DATABASE” folder by clicking on browse file.
  • After that Press the enter key.

After you Successfully Connect Database in this system.

  • finally Go to “http://localhost/name of folder” in your browser.


The setup of the online Hotel Booking website in php is now complete. PHP Version 5.6.3 or 7.4.12 is required for this PHP project because it does not work with the most recent PHP version. As a result, clients utilizing the most recent PHP version (more than 7.4.12) may encounter a number of problems. As a result, you’ll have to temporarily downgrade your PHP version (if you’re using the most recent version). Even so, more features may be added in the future to make it more complete. As a result, this online hotel booking system is a fully automated PHP project for all beginning and intermediate PHP developers interested in learning more about PHP web applications. Finally, the complete PHP project is an absolute project with open source code, and it is a good approach for users to learn more about it.

Note: Only for Educational Purpose
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)?
Source code for online hotel booking system

freeprojectscodes provide open source code for online hotel booking system project

documentation for hotel booking System in PHP 

freeprojectscodes website provide documentation for hotel booking system

ER diagram for fee Management System

our website provide free ER-diagram

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