Video Player Source Code In Android free download

Video Player Source Code In Android

Project: – Video Player Source Code In Android

A video player for Android may play digital video data from sources such optical discs and files in the MPEG, AVI, RealVideo, and QuickTime formats.

An Android software called the online video player enables you to watch videos from the internet. Through browsing and searching the YouTube website, you can find the video you wish to view. The actions you can do here are the same ones you can take on the official YouTube website. You can share videos on social networks with this video player application.

About Video Player project

Android Studio was used to develop the entire project. Here, the XML language is employed for data transfer as well as the Java programming language for field validation. Keep your internet active because this project continues asking you to update the plugins. Additionally, you will need to update your immediate run plugins as well as your SDK version.

An app for Android was created called online video player to stream videos from the internet. This enables you to browse and search the YouTube website for the video you want to play. You can carry out the same activities here that you can carry out on the official YouTube website. Additionally, this video player application allows you to share videos on social network.

Video Player App Features

  • Audio/subtitle track selection
  • Playback speed control
  • Horizontal swipe and double tap to quickly seek
  • Vertical swipe to change brightness (left) / volume (right)
  • Pinch to zoom (Android 7+)
  • PiP (Picture in Picture) on Android 8+ (resizable on Android 11+)
  • Resize (fit/crop)
  • Volume boost
  • Auto frame rate matching on Android TV/boxes (Android 6+)
  • Post-playback actions (delete file/skip to next)
  • Touch lock (long tap)
  • App shortcut for direct access to file chooser (Android 7.1+)
  • 3rd party equalizer / audio processing support (e.g. Wavelet)
  • Media Session and Audio Focus support
  • Pause playback when disconnecting headphones
  • No ads, tracking or excessive permissions

Android Video Player Studio Project Information and Technology Source Code

Project Name:Online Video Player
Project Type:Mobile Application
Video Player Source Code – Project Details

Steps for running a video player with source code on Android

Step 1: Download source code.

First, download the source code given below.

Step 2: Extract file.

Next, after you finished download the source code, extract the zip file.

Step 3: Click open project.

Next, Open android studio and click file and the open project.

Step 4: Run the project.

Last, right click the project and click run.


The entire process of creating this project was done in Android Studio. Data is sent through XML, and Java is used to ensure that the fields are accurate. You keep getting questions from people working on this project about the plugins that need to be updated to prevent your internet from going down. In addition, you must keep your immediate run plugins updated as well as your SDK version current.


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