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Student Grading System in PHP MySQL with Source Code

A fully operational project built on the Student Grading System Project that makes use of the PHP programming language and the MySQL database. The PHP project below has all the necessary components that second-year IT students can use for their academic assignments. It contains a variety of tools that let users regulate the student results according to grading standards. The idea behind this web application is simple. It is well-executed and identical to real-world situations. Please scroll down to the bottom of this post to find the Download button to download the free Student Grading System Project in PHP MySQL with source code files.

About Student Grading System PHP Project

The main goal of this PHP project for a student grading system is to manage student-related records. To be more exact, the system aids in monitoring students’ progress and results in relation to the level they have selected. The system also lists all of the faculties and departments that are accessible. Additionally, the system supports creating courses ( Evidently, this project has both a student panel and an admin panel. The student must log into the system using the administrator’s credentials to obtain an overview of this web application.

The list of classes that each student is enrolled in, together with the faculty member, department, and semester, are all visible to them. The students can also see their individual semester outcomes. In fact, the result section shows the final grade together with the total number of points, units, and scores. It also enables the system to print or download the outcome. Additionally, the students have access to view and edit their profiles.

Admin Panel

The system is entirely under the authority of the administrator. He or she is capable of overseeing students, faculties, departments, etc. Each section in this document includes its own unique information, including a name and other crucial elements. An administrator can immediately add student records by completing the necessary documents here. An administrator must enter information such a client’s name, level, faculty, department, session, and matriculation number during the customer registration process. However, the administrator must first set up a number of fields for additional processing before doing any of these. Faculty and departments are included, as well as sessions (

. The user must supply names and other crucial information in order to manage the aforementioned keywords. In actuality, departments and faculties are interconnected, and the department section depends on the chosen faculty. Similar to this, the student registration form has a faculty field that, based on the faculty selection, only returns department names.

Course Management

Additionally, an admin is responsible for setting up and overseeing all of the students’ courses on An administrator must enter the course title, code, unit, level, semester, and faculty in order to handle this area. For each semester indicated above, the system does list a number of courses. This implies that the user can save a variety of courses from various semesters. In reality, this system regulation governs the entire purpose of result calculation. When managing student results, the course unit contributes significantly to the calculation of the overall number of course units. As was already mentioned, there are connections between the faculty and department fields. As a result, this specific item aids in classifying pupils according to their studies and course. In either case, every student enrolled in a specific faculty department takes the courses that are designated for that faculty department.

Grading Management

On the one hand, the system gives the administrator the option to request that the student’s GPA be calculated. To do this, the administrator must manually filter each student by level, session, professor, and department. Additionally, the system responds to user requests with search results that the administrator can categorize by semester. The semester field in this case is determined by the number of details for each semester that the administrator gave during system management. The admin must supply the overall scores earned for each subject as they go near the GPA section ( for computing the semester’s outcomes. The user can finally compute a result. Depending on the semesters, the same process continues indefinitely. In the meantime, the system prepares the student’s overall grade, including GPA, diploma class, total units, and more. The administrator can now use it to calculate the student’s CGPA.

Student Result Management, Grading Criteria

The user can view overall results and grading standards, on the other hand. The admin can request a student’s results after the system computes that student’s CGPA. The procedure for filtering out students is the same as it was prior. The user can check both the final results and the results broken down by semester here at When it comes to results by semester, the system shows information like the course name, units, scores, grades, GPA, diploma class, and more. The user can additionally print or download the outcomes in PDF format. In terms of final grades, the system shows the student’s name, matric number, faculty, department, CGPA, and diploma class. In actuality, every result has been accurately calculated and is highlighted under the appropriate classes, such as distinction, upper class, and so on. Additionally, the admin has access to user profiles and grading criteria.

After the administrator manages it, the students can check their individual results. Additionally, the admin dashboard makes it simple to check all of the significant general records. The overall number of students who failed and succeeded as well as other statistics are helpful. Last but not least, for a better user experience when using this Online Student Grading Management System Project in PHP MySQL, a clear and straightforward dashboard is offered with many color combinations. A free open-source CSS framework; Bootstrap also uses some Vanilla CSS for its user interface elements. Introducing a brand-new PHP MySQL project for a student grading system that has both an admin and student panel. That is also a comprehensive learning resource that includes all the characteristics needed to follow up.

Available Features:
  • Admin Panel
  • Student Panel
  • Manage Current Session
  • Set up Faculty, Departments
  • Student Management
  • Course Management
  • Compute GPA
  • Compute CGPA
  • Manage results semester-wise
  • View Student’s Result
  • Print/Download Student’s Result (PDF)
  • View/Update User Profiles
  • Grading Criteria
  • Search Records
Project Name:Student Grading System Project in PHP
Language/s Used:PHP
PHP version (Recommended):5.6, 7.4
Type:Web Application
Developer:Sodiq Ahmed
Student Grading System PHP Project Overview

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How to download Student Grading System in PHP MySQL with Source Code.

To download this project just click button at the last of this post and you will be redirected to our downloading section. Read the instruction and click blue downloading button . After clicking on blue button, Downloading will start.

How to Run This Project:

Follow the steps below should be performed after you’ve started Apache and MySQL server in XAMPP.(windows)

  • The first step is to extract the file.
  • Secondly Make a copy of the main project folder.
  • Thirdly Paste the code into xampp/htdocs/
Process to Connect Database with system.
  • Fourthly Open a browser and type “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/” into the address bar.
  • After that go to the databases tab.
  • Sixthly Name your database “name” and then go to the import tab.
  • then Select the “database.sql” file from the “DATABASE” folder by clicking on browse file.
  • After that Press the enter key.
  • Remember: Do not change the project’s folder name without updating the $config['base_url']

After you Successfully Connect Database in this system.

  • finally Go to “http://localhost/name of folder” in your browser.


And there you have it—a complete PHP MySQL setup for the student grading system project. Because the project might not function with the earliest PHP version, PHP Version 5.6 or 7.4 is necessary for this specific PHP project. As a result, customers running PHP versions older than 5.6 may experience a variety of issues. Therefore, you will currently need to manage your PHP version (only if you’re using the outdated version). Additionally, visit to download the free PHP source code for the student grading management system project. As a result, this PHP project for an online student grading system is completely functioning for all intermediate levels and broadens enormous understanding of such PHP web applications. In conclusion, the entire PHP project is a valuable project with open source code that allows consumers to learn more about it.


Free Download Student Grading System Project in PHP MySQL with Source Code:
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