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School Management System in PHP CodeIgniter with Source Code

A completely functional project built on the School Management System and the CodeIgniter Web Framework. The PHP CodeIgniter project below has all of the necessary capabilities for final-year IT students to employ in their college projects. It contains a lot of features that allow users to keep track of all of their educational records. The principle of this system, as well as the online application, is quite obvious. It’s similar to real-life scenarios and has been well-implemented. Please scroll down to the bottom of this post for the Download button to get a free School Management system project in PHP MySQL with source code files.

About School Management System PHP Project

This PHP CodeIgniter project for an Online School Management System focuses mostly on keeping track of student activities. To be more specific, the system aids in the management of teachers, classes, students, and fee payments, among other things. In addition, the system keeps track of all class schedules and subjects. The system also allows you to manage your students’ parents, attendance, system settings, and more. Clearly, this project includes an admin panel as well as student, teacher, and parent panels. Parents have a minimal involvement and influence over the system, according to an overview of this web program. He or she has access to their child’s attendance, grades, subjects, and class schedules. In other words, a parent’s account can only read records and make no changes to them.

Administrator Panel

The system is completely under the control of an administrator. He or she can keep track of exams, grades, and daily attendance, among other things. Each part includes its own set of details, such as a name and other vital information. An administrator has control over students, teachers, parents, subjects, and class schedules. In addition, the administrator has control over each student’s grade, classes, section, subjects, and fee payments. To be more specific, the administrator is responsible for the whole system’s upkeep. In actuality, the administrator has complete control over the system. Academic sessions, an accounting area, an assessment section, and other advanced functions are also included in the system.

Class, Subject and Routine

We’ll discuss some of the most crucial aspects of this school administration system, such as classes and scheduling. Each class and division has its own name, which is a number name with a brief description. In fact, each class section must be assigned to a teacher by the administrator. In addition, the system provides for the administration of class routines. The administrator must assign a class, a day, and start and end times for this. It allows users to quickly access all available class routines based on their classes and weekdays. To be more specific, the system handles each routine based on the user’s selection of class subjects.

Attendance, Examination, Marksheets

An administrator also has the authority to manage daily attendance. The user must first pick available classes, sections, and dates. As a result, the system generates a list of all enrolled students in the specified classes and sections. With it comes a unique function that focuses just on the school examination. This portion of the examination administration system allows the user to manage examination terms and their names. Furthermore, the administrator has the ability to control each student’s markings under each available subject. In fact, the administrator is required to enter the obtained marks along with a brief note. The system calculates and generates mark sheets for each student using all of this information. As a result, the mark sheet includes the names of students as well as their subjects and grades.

Fees Payment and Invoice

When it comes to a school management system project, there should be certain associated costs. And, in this case, the school administration system enables for the collection of payments as well as the keeping of records of each payment detail. To do so, the user must first pick the student’s name, then input the payment name, amount, and payment mechanism with status. With all of this, the system generates a list of all available payment information, along with their status (paid or unpaid). In fact, the administrator can create and print an invoice for each payment detail. The invoice includes information such as the student’s name, payment method, name, amount, and status, as well as the date and time it was generated.

Messages, Noticeboard and Others

On the one hand, this system includes messaging capabilities that allow users to communicate with one another within the system. To do so, the user must choose from among the accessible users, compose a message, and then send it. This communications section also includes functionality for both seen and unseen messages. In a nutshell, this simple section assists the user in identifying unseen messages in the message list. In terms of announcements, the administrator can use the noticeboard section to post messages, notices, and other information. There are also other functions including dormitory administration, book management, and general settings.

Teacher and Student Panel

On the other hand, as previously indicated, both account levels have nearly identical features. Teachers can still make modifications to some parts, which is the sole difference between them and the administrator and parent panels. The student, on the other hand, can only see their own classes, subjects, attendance, class schedules, payment information, and so on. The teacher’s account is crucial to the system’s upkeep because there are several parts where the teacher account might function as an administrator. Aside from that, the instructor has complete control over student, parent, and attendance management, as well as markings, notices, and other administrative tasks.

Finally, a clean and easy dashboard with numerous color combinations is offered for a better user experience when using this PHP MySQL CodeIgniter Online School Management System Project. A free open-source CSS framework for its UI elements; Bootstrap is also on board with some Vanilla CSS. Presenting a new PHP MySQL School Management System Project that includes an admin panel with all of the necessary features for follow-up, as well as a competent resource for learning purposes.

Available Features:

  • Admin Panel
  • Teacher Panel
  • Student Panel
  • Parents Panel
  • Academic Sessions
  • Class and Section Management
  • Subject, Class Routine Management
  • Student Management
  • Teacher Management
  • Parents Management
  • Daily Attendance Management
  • Examination Management
  • Student Grading System
  • View Student’s Mark Sheet
  • Fees Payment and Invoice
  • Print Invoice
  • Accounting Section
  • Library Books Management
  • Dormitory Management
  • Transportation Details
  • Manage Noticeboard
  • Message System
  • General Settings
Project Name:School Management System
Language/s Used:PHP with CodeIgniter Web Framework
PHP version (Recommended):5.6
Type:Web Application
Developer:Riadul Islam, TMSS ICT
Online School Management System PHP Project Overview
How to Run This Project:

Follow the steps below should be performed after you’ve started Apache and MySQL server in XAMPP.(windows)

  • The first step is to extract the file.
  • Secondly Make a copy of the main project folder.
  • Thirdly Paste the code into xampp/htdocs/
Process to Connect Database with system.
  • Fourthly Open a browser and type “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/” into the address bar.
  • After that go to the databases tab.
  • Sixthly Name your database “vehicle-parking-db” and then go to the import tab.
  • then Select the “vehicle-parking-db.sql” file from the “DATABASE” folder by clicking on browse file.
  • After that Press the enter key.

After you Successfully Connect Database with projects.

  • finally Go to “http://localhost/floder name/” in your browser.


And there you have it, a complete PHP MySQL setup for the School Management System Project. Because the project does not work with the most recent PHP version, PHP Version 5.6 is required for this PHP project. As a result, customers running the most recent PHP version (more than 5.6) may encounter a variety of issues. As a result, you’ll need to manage your PHP version at the time (only if you’re utilizing the most recent version). Download the source code for the Free School Management System Project in PHP MySQL CodeIgniter. As a result, this PHP project for an online school system is a completely functional project for all intermediate levels that broadens enormous expertise in PHP web applications. Finally, this entire PHP project with open source code is an absolute project and a valuable tool for people to learn and explore more.

How to download School Management System in PHP with Source Code.

How to Download School Management System in PHP with Source Code on your computer. At First Click Download Button below Captcha Will arrive in front of you. You have to solve That Captcha. After that You solve the captcha Download will automatically Start below. If you Fail Captcha YOU have to try it again. finally you get project on your computer, run It ,if you have any problem then contact us.

Note: Only for Educational Purpose
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)?
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