Inventory Management System in PHP with Source Code for free freeprojectscodes

Inventory Management System in PHP with Source Code for free

A PHP-based sophisticated project based on a Warehouse Inventory Management System. The following PHP project has all of the necessary functionality for first-year, second-year, and final-year IT students to employ in their college projects. It offers crucial capabilities that will allow all users to interact in the same way as managers and staff communicate while dealing with stocks and sales data. This system, as well as the web application, has a clear concept that is similar to real-life scenarios and well-implemented. Please scroll down to the bottom of this post for the Download button to get a free warehouse inventory management system project in PHP with source code files.

About Inventory Management System Project

Moving on, this PHP inventory management system project is mostly concerned with dealing with products in terms of sales and other data. It also shows all of the available information, such as the total number of users, categories, items, and sales. The project is divided into three categories: Admin, Special User, and User Login, but the admin can manage it from the user group management section according to his or her preferences. In this web app’s overview, the administrator has complete control over the system and can manage all inventory records. When it comes to the project, an admin account can control categories, goods, and their associated sales data. Additionally, this inventory system produces sales information on a monthly, daily, and weekly basis. In order to keep track of sales, the user must enter information such as the product name, quantity, and date.

It displays all of the sales items with their corresponding buying and selling prices, total cost, date, quantities, and total earnings with profit margins under the sales report. In addition, the user can include media files with the product names. To do so, the user merely needs to upload the image file to the Media area and then pick that media file when entering product details. The system categorizes all of the records and organizes them in a logical order. The admin dashboard shows the most recent product sales together with their biggest quantity.

User and Special User Panel

Special user and user, on the other hand, each have their unique duties in this system. He or she can only access the product management part and the media section as a privileged user. The employee account user, on the other hand, has access to manage sales records and examine sales data. As previously said, a sales report contains monthly, weekly, and daily data. In a nutshell, an admin and a user have access to the sales management side of things. Nonetheless, each user has their own set of dependent roles. Aside from all of this, each user position has the ability to administer their own user profiles.

Available Features:

  • Admin panel
  • Employee panel
  • Special user panel
  • Manage user groups
  • User management system
  • Account settings
  • Arrange categories
  • Product management system
  • Upload media files
  • Sales management system
  • Generate monthly, weekly, and daily sales reports
  • Top latest sale items
  • Highest selling products
Project Name:Inventory Management System
Language/s Used:PHP
PHP version (Recommended):5.6.3
Type:Web Application
Developer:Siamon Hasan
Inventory Management System – Project Information

How to download Inventory Management System in PHP with Source Code.

How to Download Inventory Management System in PHP with Source Code on your computer. At First Click Download Button at the end of the post. After that you will be redirected to the downloading page. secondly scroll down and download button in blue color will appear. Click that button captcha will arrive in front of you. You have to solve That Captcha. After that You solve the captcha Download will automatically Start below. If you Fail Captcha YOU have to try it again. finally you get project on your computer, run It ,if you have any problem then contact us.

How to Run This Project:

Follow the steps below should be performed after you’ve started Apache and MySQL server in XAMPP.(windows)

  • The first step is to extract the file.
  • Secondly Make a copy of the main project folder.
  • Thirdly Paste the code into xampp/htdocs/
Process to Connect Database with system.
  • Fourthly Open a browser and type “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/” into the address bar.
  • After that go to the databases tab.
  • Sixthly Name your database “vehicle-parking-db” and then go to the import tab.
  • then Select the “database.sql” file from the “DATABASE” folder by clicking on browse file.
  • After that Press the enter key.

After you Successfully Connect Database with projects.

  • finally Go to “http://localhost/floder name/” in your browser.


That’s it, a complete Inventory Management System Project in PHP MySQL setup. Because the project does not work with the most recent PHP version, PHP Version 5.6.3 is required for this PHP project. As a result, customers running the most recent PHP version (more than 5.6.3) may encounter a variety of issues. As a result, you’ll need to downgrade your PHP version for the time being (only if you’re using the most recent version). Download the source code for the Warehouse Inventory Management System project in PHP MySQL. As a result, this warehouse inventory management system is a rapid advance PHP project for all beginning and intermediate PHP developers who want to gain a broad understanding of PHP web applications. Finally, the entire PHP project with open source code is an absolute project and a valuable way for users to understand and explore more about it.

Note: Only for Educational Purpose
Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)?
Source code for creating Inventory Management System in PHP

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documentation for Inventory Management System in PHP

freeprojectscodes provide free documentation for Inventory Management System in PHP

ER diagram for Simple Attendance Management System

freeprojectcode provide free full ER diagram for Inventory Management System in PHP

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